Today’s high speed cameras

Technologies are progressing on time and due to this , we get comfort in our daily lives. If we go back to the history of computer, it was manually operable and then gradually enhancement came in their weight, hardware and software. Nowadays we see computers with light weight, software with usable interfaces and fast processing techniques etc.

If we talk about today’s cameras, high speed cameras are available in the market which have advanced design features.

Hand held portables are one these cameras which do not require Gigabit Ethernet connection to PC for operation. The internal SDRAM give us the opportunity for fast saving. These have built in solid state drives to store the files and show live preview screen. Touch screen display is very large and it use built in high power work lights to prevent images from blurriness. Connection possibility of these cameras with PC is an added feature.

high speed camera

Another category is PC connected cameras have internal SDRAM for fast saving files. They can send live preview to PC on 30fps, meanwhile saving the huge buffer video on the internal SDRAM for later use. As compare to the hand held portable, these cameras are of low cost and require Gigabit Ethernet connection with PC.

high speed camera

High speed DVR’s have no SDRAM inside but these can stream video back to DVR PC in real time. These have same features as compare to other high speed cameras, as specifically they are design to record videos for hours or days. These cameras are very useful to record problems at testing stations when no one is there. They can record videos of every minutes detail, through which we can go back to video recordings and identify the problems.

high speed camera

There are different variety of high speed cameras in terms of their designs and specifications available in the market, but to choose the best product , customer need to do some research on the company that manufacture and design these products. Some of the factors to be considered are, Do the company provide training and support to their customers? Do the company provide any guarantee to the customers on purchasing the equipment? Do the company use top rated parts in these products?