Super slow motion from a camera and human- like vision.

Event cameras process changes continuously in light intensity of a scene which is more economical in terms of the data, because static parts of a scene take up no space and there is no lost between the frames. In order to achieve best results, important tricks such as high speed photography, improved HDR performance and machine vision relatively very fast are needed.

The functions of event cameras are just like the human eyes, it’s impossible to display the raw data on a screen. First, it needs to be restructured into viewable video, that was the beginning of new research towards designing of high speed cameras. TheEth Zurich team trained a neural network by using simulated event data and did not focus to extract frames manually. Then , they used the results to create a high speed network to process event camera data in real time.

Welcome To Mega Speed.    Manufacturer And Designer Of High Speed Cameras.

Mega Speed’s high speed products and services are used to analyse and capture events that are too fast for the human eye to see and then play the event back in super slow motion for detailed frame by frame image analysis and report generation. 

Our high speed products use in various applications. These applications and recorded videos are shown below

Cap Screwing

This amazing video was recorded with Mega Speed cameras.
Learn how our high speed cameras can be used to reduce your waste, eliminate jams and increase your plant’s overall efficiency.


This high speed video was taken with the MegaSpeed MS50K camera running at 500 fps.

Air Bag Testing

This high speed video was taken with the MS50K camera running at 1000 fps and the MS70K camera running at 4000 fps. This video was taken during the testing of an airbag inflation and it’s mechanical mechanism’s reaction.

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