PC Connected camera-Introduction to MS 130K

PC connected cameras have high-speed workhorses. They are suitable to use for many applications and feature higher memory capacity with advanced triggering capability. Although there are a variety of cameras available in the market in terms of their advanced features, this article describes specifically MS 130K camera.

High speed camera

MS 130K high-speed camera

These cameras are highly applicable in the test range, in the R&D test lab or any other critical applications where capturing important test video is needed in different scenarios

Advanced Design Features

One of the best features of MS 130K is high write speed removal solid-state drives which can be accessed through the camera rear media bay. Data security is also available with this drive and replacement is very easy.

In order to synchronize the test data, the onboard multi-channel data acquisition module is used with high-speed image data, so in this way clear understanding and interpretation of test videos are possible.

  • Convenient and sturdy “grab and go” ergonomic handle provides a sure grip on your investment while positioning the camera and also preventing accidental drops.
  • Sync in/sync out, event triggers, frame markers multi-channel ADC, SDI, and IRIG-B I/0 options cover all the bases.
  • Tough anodized aluminum natural finish for a clean look inside your lab and also provides a low solar load for outside field use.
  • Tapped with ¼ x 20 tpi mounting holes located on the camera’s top and bottom plate gives you plenty of options for securely locking the camera in place preventing unexpected camera movement.
  • Convenient “F” mount for easy lens selection. Strong enough to support large 500mm+ optics.
  • A well equipped and dependable camera for your test site.

Optimized For Image Quality And Long Service Life

  • Additional ¼ x 20 tpi mounting hole locations on the camera’s top plate for attaching extra accessories.
  • The rear media bay is available on most models. Removable solid-state drives offer speedy repetitive saves of over 25 GB per minute for the fastest video back-up of your critical event.
  • Multiple status LEDs confirm your settings so that you get it right on your first shot.
  • Quick connect BNCs and multi-pin connectors for your frequently used I/Os to get you up and running fast.
  • 1 Gige, 2.5GBASE-T or 10 Gige are all available for PC camera control to accommodate your download speed requirements.
  • Available internal lithium batteries keep you the recording when a power failure hits or when no mains power is available.
  • The cool-running design extends the camera’s service life and optimizes the camera performance for the best image quality and longest service life possible.
  • Additional ¼ x 20 tpi mounting hole locations on the camera’s top plate for attaching extra accessories.

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