Industrial testing with high-speed cameras

Today’s video analysis is a very important tool in order to conduct a study of safety and control in various industry settings. High-speed cameras are the only improved analysis systems that can be implemented in industrial studies.  Mega Speed products have been implemented in various industrial settings in research for safety and quality control. This can be demonstrated with the videos recorded by Mega Speed’s high-speed cameras shown below.

High –speed cameras are used in many industrial settings, some of them describe below

Crash testing

This video was recorded with the MS55K camera at 1000 fps. The video was recorded during the testing of vehicle seats with seat belts. The main aim of this test was to measure the forces applied to the crash test dummies and the vehicle seat.

Airbag test

This high-speed video was recorded by the MS50k camera running at 1000 fps and MS70K with 4000 fps. The airbag inflation and its mechanical mechanism reaction were tested during this video.

Assault Rifle

This video was taken by the MS55K camera running at 5000 fps. The shell ejection mechanism was tested with this video.

Blast video

This high-speed video was taken with the MS55Kcamera running at 650 fps.

Since 2001, Mega speed corporation has been manufacturing and designing high-speed cameras, high-speed digital video recorders, and other products.

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