High speed video explained and our high speed cameras options.

Comparison of standard video and high-speed video

Today’s fast-paced testing & manufacturing environment having faster design cycles need high-speed cameras to visualize the part of the process that causes problems. The problem diagnosed by these cameras is never possible with the unaided human eye to visualize. Therefore, high-speed cameras are the only option during setup, maintenance, research that could reduce downtime, improve efficiency, product quality, and profitability. Furthermore, high-speed cameras are very helpful in drop tests, design verification, prototype testing, vibration analysis, and quality control.

Why use high-speed video?

Recording with standard 30 fps provides us very few images of a quick occurring event. The images provided are few and blurry due to the non-control mechanism of the camera’s shutter. If we want to record the all process of Airbag inflation with standard 30 fps, then most of the important events missed and it is very hard to analyze the whole procedure.

air bag sequence recorded event

Refer to the above event images recorded by our high-speed camera, will provide 50 to 100 more images of the same event and it will clear to see where is the problem during research.

High- Speed cameras and their manufacturing.

The high-speed cameras generally capture between 250-5000 fps for shorter durations of time from 10 to 120 seconds. Videos can be downloaded easily in its internal SDRAM, after recording the events.

  • These cameras can capture between 250-5000 fps for longer durations of several hours. As these have no internal SDRAM, so live video can be streamed to DVR’s PC hard drive.

Mega speed corporation- high-speed camera options.

Handheld portables are one of these cameras that do not require Gigabit Ethernet connection to PC for operation. The internal SDRAM gives us the opportunity for fast saving. These have built in solid-state drives to store the files and show live preview screen. The touch screen display is very large and it uses built-in high power work lights to prevent images from blurriness. The connection possibility of these cameras with PC is an added feature.


Another category is PC connected cameras that have internal SDRAM for fast saving files. They can send a live preview to PC on 30fps, meanwhile saving the huge buffer video on the internal SDRAM for later use. As compared to the handheld portable, these cameras are of low cost and require a Gigabit Ethernet connection with PC.

MS55K High Speed CameraMS35K High Speed CameraMS75K High Speed Camera

High-speed DVR’s have no SDRAM inside but these can stream video back to DVR PC in real-time. These have the same features as compare to other high-speed cameras, as specified, they are designed to record videos for hours or days. These cameras are very useful to record problems at testing stations when no one is there. They can record videos of every minute’s detail, through which we can go back to video recordings and identify the problems.



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