High-Speed cameras with an efficient frame rate per second (fps) functionality

High-speed cameras are devices that capture high-speed events with over 1000 fps. The cameras are specially designed to record the fast-moving objects as photographic images into some storage mediums.

Early high-speed cameras used films to record high-speed events but the attached electronic devices were entirely outdating such as a charge coupled device (CCD) or CMOS active pixel sensor.

 Frame rate per second (FPS) is the frequency in which continuous images appear on display These consecutive images are also called frames.

A high-speed camera can be classified as a high-speed film camera which records to film, a high-speed video camera in which recordings are stored into memory, a high-speed framing camera which are used to record multiple images and a high-speed streak camera which is used to record series of line size images to film or store in storage medium.

A normal motion film can be played back at 24 frames per second and television use 25 frames per second. High-speed film cameras have the capability to record at a quarter of millions of frames per second to run the film on the rotating prism despite to use the shutter that helps to reduce the need for stopping and start the film behind the shutter which would tear the film stock at such speeds. This technique is helpful to stretch a one second of action to more than ten minutes of playback time which is called super slow motion.

Today high-speed cameras are used in scientific research, military test, industry, and evaluation. To film the manufacturing line to tune the machine is an excellent example of its industrial application.

If we talk about today’s cameras, high-speed cameras are available in the market which has advanced design features. This article is about to discuss high-speed cameras having most of the frames per second.

Since 2001, Mega speed corporation has been manufacturing and designing high-speed cameras, these cameras are categorized into three types Handheld portable, PC connected and digital video recorders.

HHC X9  PRO comes under the category of handheld portable, HHC X9 pro is giving a variety of functions useful for photographers, microbiologists, manufacturing, packaging and industrial processing, etc

X9 is a portable high-speed camera with 2000 fps at 1920 * 1080. The HHC X9 PRO has a 640 x 480 touch screen interface and records 2000 fps at 1920 x 1080. Re-Moveable SSD for the industry’s fastest flow. Tough High Impact, lightweight Industrial grade ABS body.

MS 130K is the high-speed camera in one of the best PC connected cameras. Some of its features are maximum image size 1920 * 1080 with 2000 fps recording speed, high definition usage of 1080P and high-speed application from 1000 fps to 50,000 fps,on-board 32GB memory storage, “F” mount optical interface, recording in a circular buffer, ready to download after capturing the events. The maximum camera speed is 150000 fps.

There are a different variety of high-speed cameras in terms of their designs and specifications available in the market, but to choose the best product, customer needs to do some research on the company that manufactures and designs these products. Some of the factors to be considered are, Does the company provide training and support to their customers? Does the company provide any guarantee to the customers on purchasing the equipment? Does the company use top-rated parts in these products?

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