Hand held portable vs smart phone camera- Introduction to HHC X4 camera

Smartphones are the most popular way of taking pictures, but hand held  cameras still give superior performing with sharper images, more control, and superior zoom. They’re still a popular choice despite smartphone cameras getting better with every passing year.

There are lots of options to choose from in point and shoot cameras. In fact, there are so many that it can frankly become overwhelming. The price range is also ridiculous, going from just a few hundred all the way to several thousand in value.

Hand Held portables are completely portable and do not require a Gigabit Ethernet connection to a PC to be operated. They have internal SDRAM for fast saving, built in Solid State Drives for file storage and offer a live preview screen.

They also have a large touch screen display and also have built in high power work lights to prevent image blur during low exposure setting. As an added feature hand held cameras can also be connected to and controlled by a PC with a Gigabit Ethernet connection in the same way as the PC connected cameras.


 This slow motion high speed video was taken with the X4 camera running at 1000 fps. The X4 had its built in high power LED lights turned on. The lens was a 12.5mm, 1inch format F1.4.

The green wire is 22 gage. This is an excellent example to demonstrate the unbelievable functionality and portability of the HHC cameras. A completely self contained trouble shooting tool that you should not be with-out.

The advanced features of  HHC X4 Pro camera is given in the table below

Maximum Resolution 1280 x 1024
Speed at Maximum Resolution 600 fps
Speed at Minimum Resolution 40,000 fps
High Power LED Work Lights Yes
SSD (Solid State Drive) Yes
Hot Swap SSD Yes
User Defined ROI

Auto Exposure Yes
DVR Streaming Yes
Programmable Trigger Yes
Color or Mono Sensor Yes
Standard Memory 240 GB
Camera Control Color Touch Screen
Video Editing Suite Yes
Gig E Ready Yes
Video Output HDMI
Additional Storage USB/SDHC
DAC Inputs Yes
Battery Power Yes

How is a point and shoot camera superior to a smartphone camera?The main difference is the physical build, which makes point and shoot cameras superior. Though they’re small, they have a much larger sensor than ones found in modern smartphones. Additionally, optical zoom, a larger amount of pixels, and a dedicated camera processor make the overall image processing and quality far superior.

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