Camera Rentals

Mega Speed® rents high speed camera models with speed ranges and image sizes to satisfy most high speed imaging applications. Camera rentals can be supplied with sufficient accessories to provide the customers with a turn-key rental experience. Rental periods vary from three day to one year.

Accessory options include laptops with pre-loaded camera control software, fixed and variable focus lenses, data cables, trigger cables, trigger boxes, auxiliary battery back-up power, tri-pods, support arms and high power LED lighting.

Camera rentals ship with all required software to operate the camera. Video player and editing software is included for you to professionally review, edit, clip, compress and archive your high speed video files.

Click on the below link. Fill in and submit the rental application form and we will immediately begin working on your customized quote. Remember to plan ahead. Last minute rental requests may be accessed a higher rental fee or not be available.

For Camera Rental Catalog please click the official website link below

Camera Rental Catalog